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Youth Camp Program

Cumberland County is home to six youth camp operations that qualify to receive annual preoperational inspections from the Cumberland County Health Department.  The youth camp inspection program falls under the authority of the State’s Department of Health though it incorporates many of the programs administered by the State’s Department of Environmental Protection. In New Jersey, not every youth camp needs to be inspected. Only youth camps that engage in high risk activities or that incorporate overnight stays as part of their programs are required to be inspected. A complete description of the youth camps that need to be inspected can be found in N.J.A.C. 8:25.  The Cumberland County Health Department is required to inspect the Youth Camps to determine that safe operational practices are in place prior to children attending the camp. If you are interested in opening a youth camp in Cumberland County or if you have questions about an existing youth camp, please feel free to contact our offices at 856-327-7602 or at

 Here are a few helpful links for existing youth camp operators