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Road Opening Application

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Application Instructions:

  • If you plan to perform any work within the County right of way, including excavation or driveway alteration, you must first obtain a County Road Opening Permit.

  • Permit applications and a copy of the regulations are available on this web site. They can be found by clicking the above links, or by visiting the County Public Works Complex at 800 East Commerce Street in Bridgeton, NJ 08302.

  • The applicant for the permit must be capable of performing the work in a safe and efficient matter. They must also comply with the Road Opening Ordinance including the insurance and bonding requirements. Typically the applicants will be the Utility Companies or private contractors specializing in Road and Utility work. The applicant is responsible for completing road restoration in accordance with the Ordinance.

  • Please complete the application and submit, preferably via e-mail, to, or by regular mail to the County Public Works Department at the address listed above. The fee can be submitted to the same address by check or money order. Permits will not be issued until the fee is received. After processing, permits will be returned to the e-mail or business address used by the applicant.

  • Once the permit is obtained and you are ready to start work, you must by law call the Utility Mark Out Number at 1-800-272-1000 before you excavate. Once you have an effective mark out number you can schedule your work. You must give the County Public Works Department at least 24 hours notice by completing an on line Citizens Service Request for Roadways available on the County’s Home Web Page, or by contacting the Public Works Department directly at 856-453-2192. Please have your permit number and your utility mark out confirmation number available.

  • All openings must be backfilled immediately with clean backfill with a minimum of 12” of dense graded aggregate (DGA) and 2” of temporary patch until permanent restoration can occur. Permanent restoration should occur within 30 days, unless otherwise directed by the County, and shall consist of 6” DGA, 4” stabilized asphalt base course (HMA 19M64), and 2” top course (HMA 12.5 M64). Please contact the County 24 hours prior to permanent restoration.