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5/27/2011 - Motorists Must Stop For Pedestrians In Crosswalk

New Jersey State Attorney General Paula T. Dow and Division of Highway Traffic Safety Director Pam Fischer remind motorists that effective April 1, 2010 they must now stop - and remain stopped -- for pedestrians in the crosswalk. Prior to this legislative change, motorists were required to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

New LawMotorists violating the new law face a $200 fine, plus court costs, and 2 points on their license. They can also be subject to 15 days of community service and insurance surcharges. Pedestrians may also be cited under state law for failing to use due care when crossing. The law requires them to obey pedestrian signals and use crosswalks at signalized intersections as well as yield the right of way to traffic if they are not crossing within a crosswalk or at an intersection. Failure to comply with the law carries a $54 fine, plus court costs.

To educate motorists about the new law, the Division has developed an oversized palm card, similar in size to a traffic ticket, that outlines the changes as well as the penalties for failing to comply. The card will be distributed to all police departments in the state, and made available to high school driver education teachers and defensive driving program providers. The new law will also be detailed in the New Jersey Driver Manual. The public can download it from the Division’s web site at

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