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3/12/2018 - Building Maintenance Worker/MW1, Grounds (Part Time As Needed)

Building Maintenance Worker/Maintenance Worker 1, Grounds
Department of Public Works & Property
Part-Time, As Needed

Salary Range:
$31,277 (To Be Prorated Based on Hours Worked)

Duties: Under the direction of supervisory official; performs varied simple and moderately physically strenuous tasks involved in cleaning and maintaining offices, furniture, and buildings; may assist in making minor repairs to buildings or equipment; performs routine work in caring for and maintaining facility grounds, as well as other assigned landscaped and lawn/field areas and related equipment; does other related duties as assigned.

Requirements: Knowledge of the problems, procedures, methods and supplies used in the care and maintenance of buildings/facilities, ground, lawn, and field areas. Ability to read, write, speak, and understand English. Ability to carry out instructions. Must have valid New Jersey driver’s license.
Examples of Work: Cleans rooms, offices, cafeterias, cottages, other living quarters, halls, gymnasiums, laboratories, auditoriums, hospital wards, bathrooms, and restrooms.
Dusts, cleans, and polishes furniture, fixtures, woodwork, and equipment. Washes and cleans windows, sweeps, washes, strips, waxes, and polishes floors, and sweeps and vacuums rugs distributes supplies.
When assigned, moves objects weighing about 50 pounds, heavy furniture, supplies, and equipment.
Mops or scrapes sticky or heavy liquids from floors, replace venetian blinds, wash walls, and so forth.
Ability to follow safety precautions and to report potentially hazardous conditions.

Hours: Typical workdays include Monday through Friday.
Positions will typically not work in excess of 25 hours per week.

Note: Offers of employment for this title are contingent upon successful completion of physical fitness testing that includes drug screening, criminal background check, and verifications of clean driving record.

Applicants should submit a cover letter and work history to:

Brittany Wiita, Confidential Assistant
Department of Personnel or fax to 856-453-0361

Application deadline is March 19, 2018

The County of Cumberland is an Equal Opportunity Employer striving for diversity in the workplace.