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Human Services Advisory Council

The Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) is appointed by the County Board of Chosen Freeholders and advises the Freeholders regarding human service needs within the County. The Human Services Advisory Council is comprised of providers, interested citizens, and consumers of all types of human services. Membership is prescribed by NJAC 10:2-1.3, which is the State of New Jersey regulations for County HSACs. The Cumberland County HSAC is comprised of  voting members with non-voting representation from county and state representatives as needed. Each county in New Jersey has an HSAC representative. The Cumberland County HSAC was established in the mid-1970s and is responsible for:

  • Publishes bilingual "HELP/AYUDA folder" with nearly 500 listings of agencies.
  • Planning for human services for all county residents.
  • Allocating funding based on the planning results and prioritized needs.
  • Implementing and/or promoting programs to meet the identified results.
  • Monitoring of grants and funding streams to ensure contract compliance and quality service provision.
  • Work closely with CEAS Committee to help stem homelessness.


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