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12/1/2014 - Atka the Amazing Eskie

Atka the Amazing Eskie at the Cumberland County Library

Atka the Amazing Eskie and his dog friends Nuka and Kayu will be visiting Cumberland County Library on Saturday, December 6th at 2pm. The trio are a performing dog tricks team which has performed at townships, universities, corporations, libraries , camping resorts, and book fairs, and are regular featured performers for the American Kennel Club’s huge annual event, “Meet the Breeds”. Atka was featured on Animal Planet’s TV series “Dogs 101”, representing the American Eskimo Dog in the studios. In addition, Atka, Nuka, and Kayu do monthly visits as Therapy Dogs to nursing homes to bring canine comfort and joy to the residents there. The show is interactive, pulling audience members in for their help in performing some of the tricks. Atka’s temperament and the show’s contents are suitable for adults and children of all ages. For more information please contact the Library at (856) 453-2210, extension 103.