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5/7/2013 - Cumberland County Library Children’s Program

Cumberland County Library   800 E. Commerce St., Bridgeton, NJ  08302

Submitted by Jean C. Edwards                                                856-453-2210 ext.  110

Cumberland County Library Children’s Program

Monday, May 13th at 1:30pm Miss Melody will read It’s Quacking Time by Martin Waddell. The story follows a duck family through their new addition to the family. Miss Melody will lead the children through an experiment showing how ducks stay dry in the water using oil and water. Children will discover that oil does not mix with water. Along with the other activities, children will make glowing jello! The jello is made using glow water that was prepared ahead and using tonic water. The difference in the glow will reflect which type of water used. The children will guess if the jello will look any different once refrigerated. Results will be shown next week! Before the children leave, Miss Melody will talk about water evaporation and set up an experiment that the children can check up on week to week. Lastly, children will fill the bird feeders they made a couple of weeks ago with birdseed and hang them.  

Cumberland County Library is located at 800 E. Commerce St. (Route 49), Bridgeton, NJ.  Call 856-453-2210 ext. 101 for further information.