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1/2/2013 - Jan 14th - My Friend is Sad at County Library

Cumberland County Library Preschool/Toddler Time

Monday, January 14th at 1:30pm, Miss Melody will be reading My Friend Is Sad by Mo Williams and Wow Feelings, a book that teaches children to sign their emotions. Along with the stories, children will sing “If you happy and you know it.” Children have a chance to observe and display emotions by playing Mood Charades. They will be given a mood to act out while the others guess. Other activities include making their own emotional face with paper and glue and guessing how “Teddy” would feel in different situations. These activities will help children understand their emotions and gain skills to read others emotions as well. These skills are crucial in communication that will assist them in making and keeping friends.

Cumberland County Library is located at 800 E. Commerce St. (Route 49), Bridgeton, NJ. Call 856-453-2210 ext. 101 for further information.