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11/5/2012 - Children's Reading Program at County Library

Cumberland County Library Children’s Reading Program

Tuesday, November 13th at 6:30pm Miss Melody will read Vote! By Eileen Christelow. Children will learn about the voting process and have the chance to vote! There will be two activities about voting. First, the children will decide on a yes or no vote. They will create a link from construction paper with their names on it. On a poster board, there will be a yes side and a no side. Children will post their vote on either side creating a chain from their links. When the vote is over, Miss Melody will discuss the results. They will see how one vote can change the outcome of the election.

The second activity will show the children how money is used and divided up to fund the improvements of our community. Each child will receive 5 “dollars”. There will be 5 boxes, each labeled with a different community priority; ex. Schools. Children will have the opportunity to decide where they would like to put their money. Miss Melody will discuss their decisions and the results.

Cumberland County Library is located at 800 E. Commerce St. (Route 49), Bridgeton, NJ.  Call 856-453-2210 ext. 101 for further information.