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10/9/2012 - Halloween Preschool/Toddler Time at Library

Cumberland County Library Preschool/Toddler Time

Monday, October 29th at 1:30pm Children are invited to wear their costumes! Miss Melody will guide the children through an interactive story: Monsters in the Dark by David Lumerman. After the story, children will make a spider web using a paper plate pre-painted black. Drops of white paint will be placed on the plate and children will place a marble on the plate and shake it around to create their web. Don’t worry! This craft is not as messy as it sounds. Costumes will be safe from paint! Children will also make a simple jack-o-lantern decoration to take home. Miss Melody will have a special Halloween treat for children who attend!

Cumberland County Library is located at 800 E. Commerce St. (Route 49), Bridgeton, NJ.  Call 856-453-2210 ext. 101 for further information.