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9/24/2012 - Toddler/Preschool Hour at the Library

Celebrate the beginning of fall with us!

Monday October 1st at 1:30pm we will have toddler/preschool hour. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy an apple! Miss Melody will read I Am an Apple by Jean Marzollo. The story explains how an apple grows. Children will be making their very own painting using apples! Along with the story and crafts, Miss Melody will be teaching the children songs about apples. Children will have fun with a special game called Musical Apple Pass. Children will sit in a circle and pass around an apple. When the music stops, the person holding the apple gets a prize!


Cumberland County Library is located at 800 E. Commerce St. (Route 49), Bridgeton, NJ.  Call 856-453-2210 ext. 101 for further information.