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Successful Practices

Establishing a few practices that take into account a new employee's needs can go a long way toward ensuring a successful work experience. The One Stop Career Center can help you implement proven practices for hiring, training, integrating, and retaining new employees. The One Stop Center offers Prescreening Services to determine employee needs and provides a Hiring Event Service to the employer that includes private interviewing for specific employee needs. The One Stop Center Can assist you with each of the successful practices listed below.

  • Establish realistic expectations by understanding a prospective employee's training, education, and personal life before committing to hire.

  • Work with a provider of education and employee training to assure the skills essential for integrating the employee into the workplace.
  • Provide a complete orientation so new hires will know expected behavior, where to go with questions, where things in the workplace are kept, and more.

  • Make your expectations clear from the beginning.

  • Assign an easy-to-talk-to internal mentor to support, advise, and provide insight into how things are done in this organization.

  • Address negative issues immediately and respond quickly to identify a solution.

  • Try to allow some flexibility in job descriptions and work schedules to accommodate the employee's family needs and gain his or her loyalty.