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Map and Data Files

Interactive Maps and Data Files for location and identification of Veterans, Spouses and Dependent Children interred at the Cumberland County Veterans' Cemetery are now available to the public. We have attempted to provide as much information, at different technological skill levels, as possible so that the greatest number of people possible may benefit from this new and useful tool. In the event you require technology assistance with any of these methods for obtaining cemetery information, please call Anthony J. Buono, Jr., G.I.S. Coordinator/Specialist, at 856-453-2175.

Microsoft Excel Viewer and Google Earth are required to access the Data Base and Map of the Cemetery. If you do not have these programs installed on your computer you may click the appropriate links for download of these programs. Please install them on your computer prior to downloading any cemetery files or data base files.

Click Here To Install Microsoft Excel Viewer

Click Here To Install Google Earth


Data Files may be downloaded once Microsoft Excel Viewer has been downloaded and installed on your computer. This file is a Master List of all Veterans, Spouses and Dependent Children who are currently interred in the Veterans' Cemetery. Information contains name, date of birth, date of death, military service information and the lot-section number of interment. Names with no information other than name are for surviving spouses and surviving dependent children who have a pre-designated lot next to their pre-deceased loved one(s).

The Veterans' Cemetery has Active Sections as follows: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, L, S 

Steps for viewing Excel Data File:

  • Download and Install Microsoft Excel Viewer
  • Download "Master List" File and Save to Computer
  • Open File and View
    Each "TAB" at bottom of Excel Sheet designates a "Section" as listed above.

Once you have located the individual(s) you were searching for, you will now know their Section and Lot number at the Cemetery. A basic paper map is available upon request for the layout of Sections and Rows which will assist you in finding the physical location of a decendent. Please contact Joyce at 856-453-2166 to request a map. (There are no names or information on the maps - only the layout)

Google Earth is an interactive tool for those who wish to visually see the cemetery, sections and lots. It provides an interactive experience for users to explore the cemetery. For those who have downloaded the Excel Master List, it is then possible to visually see where the person(s) of interest are interred via use of Google Earth. This is an exciting tool and provides outlines of each Section and Lot. When a Lot is clicked on, information such as name, military information, date of birth and death, are seen in a pop-up window. You may even make your own printable map of a particular area if you wish! Simply "Zoom" in on the area you want, complete a "Screen Print" (Ctrl, Alt, Print Screen) and then "Paste" into a Word or text document. You will have a map which you can use to visit the cemetery and/or to give to a family member or friend who is visiting the cemetery and your loved one(s) for the first time.

Steps for Google Earth

  • Download and Install Google Earth
  • Download all "Section" and "Lot" Files to a Folder on your Computer
  • Open Google Earth
    • In Google Earth, click on "File" then "Open"
    • Navigate to the Folder where you downloaded "Section" and "Lot" files
    • Select one or more files, click "Open"
      (Remember to select both the "Section" and "Lot" files in order to see individual information pop-up when you select a Lot)
  • Data will load and "fly" to Location of Cemetery
  • You may add additional files from the downloads by repeating the steps above

Files for Download

Listing files in 'Map and Data Files'

We are so very proud of all the hard work, collaboration and Freeholder support that went into this project and hope this provides a useful tool and service to our County and beyond. Changes and improvements will be made as we progress and we hope that you will provide our office with useful feedback. We thank you for your support as we strive to continually improve our services and resources in true honor and dedication to our Cumberland County Veterans and their families.