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Well Permits and Private Well Testing Act Program (PWTA)

  • Well permit applications are reviewed to determine compliance with the State Standards for Construction. 
  • Inspectors also perform field inspections of these installations.
  • All new private wells and homes with private wells involved in Real Estate Transactions must have their well water tested in accordance with the NJ Private Well Testing Act. 
  • The Health Department receives notification of wells that do not pass Safe Drinking Water Standards. 
  • Neighborhood notification is done where there is a Primary Drinking Water Contaminant found.  Health information on well water contaminants is left with residents. 
  • All residents are encouraged to have their own well tested, but this is not mandatory.

Useful Information Pertaining to Well Permits and PWTA

Listing files in 'Drinking Water Programs'

For more information regarding Well Permits and PWTA, please contact: Danielle McKelvey


Certified Water Testing Laboratories

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