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Rabies and Zoonosis Control

  • Inspections focus on the control of diseases that can be passed form animals to humans.
  • Regulations for the Sanitary Operations of Kennels, Pet Shops, Shelters and Pounds are used to determine safe and sanitary housing and handling of animals.
  • To control the spread of Rabies, follow-up of reported animal bites is done. Quarantine notices and health  information is provided to the owners & bite victims.
  • Supplies are provided to each Municipality for their annual Rabies Clinic. 
  • Inspectors responds to complaints of dead / ill birds for West Nile Virus Surveillance. 

    What are Rabies

  • For more information regarding Rabies and Zoonosis Control, please contact: Nina Paulaitis (856) 327-7602 x7139