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Hazardous Materials

  • Inspectors respond to reports of spilled and/or improperly disposed hazardous materials.  Investigation of these reports determines if material is properly cleaned-up and orders clean-up if not.
  • A Sub-contract is maintained with a certified Hazardous Materials Response Team.
  • Enforcement of violations is done through a referral to NJ Department of Environmental Protection

All spills of hazardous materials must be reported to **NJDEP (1-877-WARN DEP)
And all emergencies needing immediate response should also be called into Cumberland County Emergency Communications (856-455-6886)

Guidelines for the Safe Clean-up of Mercury Spilled in the Home

A Homeowner’s Guide to Cleaning Up Heating Oil Discharges

For more information regarding Hazardous Materials, please contact:
Noah Hetzel (856) 327-7602 x7125