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The Cohanzick Zoo 
Bridgeton, NJ


About the Zoo
The Cohanzick Zoo, New Jersey's first zoo, has been providing education and enjoyment to the community of Bridgeton since 1934. Located in Bridgeton's 1,100-acre city park, the zoo has over 100 birds and mammals representing over 45 different species from around the world.

Renovation is ongoing throughout Zoo grounds as existing exhibits are being improved or replaced. The Cohanzick Zoo strives to maintain the zoo grounds while working to achieve the zoo's master plan. 

Visit our website!

Adopt-an-Animal Program
What better way to help support the animals of the Cohanzick Zoo than to adopt one! Adoptions help cover the cost of the animals' needs for an entire year. Call the Zoo at (856) 453-1658 for details on adopting the following animals:

$25 Muscovy Duck, Leopard Tortoise, Bearded Dragon
$35 Silver Pheasant, Tragopan, African Spurred Tortoise
$50  Spectacled Owl, Barn Owl, Blue & Gold Macaw

…and more! Please visit the following link for details and downloadable application: 

Cohanzick Zoo Adopt-an-Animal Program

Go Wild with the Cohanzick Zoological Society!
For just pennies a day, you can help the Cohanzick Zoo acquire new animals, improve and renovate exhibits, and maintain the Zoo's beautifully landscaped grounds and other facilities.

Annual Events

Coati Day February 1st   10:00am at the Coati Exhibit
KidsFest First Saturday in May   11:00am – 2:00pm 
Boo-at-the-Zoo  Third Saturday in October  11:00am – 2:00pm 

Please visit our calendar of events for more info!