The County of Cumberland has agreed to act as the lead agency on behalf of 16 communities to pursue a petition before the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) against Verizon New Jersey in an effort to compel Verizon to continue to maintain copper landline facilities. Many of the rural communities do not have fiberoptic service and Verizon is not intending to provide that service throughout the State of New Jersey even though it previously agreed to pursuant to a program known as Opportunity New Jersey. Now, they are intending to discontinue landline maintenance which means that none of these communities would receive fiberoptic and their landline service would ultimately deteriorate to the point of ineffectiveness. We are asking any interested consumer who is experiencing problems with their telephone service, voice over internet (VOIP), DSL service, or internet service over landlines to notify us by completing this form. We will need to present real examples of service deficiencies to the BPU and are, therefore, asking any customer who experiences these problems to let us know so that we can present this information to the Board of Public Utilities. If anyone has specific questions or concerns and wants to speak with someone, the matter is being handled on behalf of the County and all of the municipalities by Cumberland County Counsel, Theodore E. Baker, Esquire, 856-453-2165.

Are you willing to have your response to this questionnaire released to Verizon?