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Congregate Nutrition Program


  Location: Site Name:


Jean Rugenus Senior Center 

(856) 455-4323

  Commercial Twp.

Louise Moore Senior Center

(856) 785-9817

  Deerfield Twp.

Charlotte Brago Senior Center 

(856) 455-6902

  Lawrence Twp.

Lawrence Twp. Senior Center

(856) 447-1000

  Maurice River Twp.

Maurice River Twp. Senior Center 

(856) 785-0325


High Rise East

(856) 825-8779

  Upper Deerfield Twp.

Edgar Joyce Senior Center 

(856) 451-5649 


Tarklin Acres

(856) 692-8289

   Vineland City Senior Center (856) 794-4074



The Cumberland County Nutrition Program is funded by Title III of the Older

Americans Act, to provide nutritious meals (see menu) in a social setting to

the senior citizens of the County. The goals of the Nutrition Program are to:

  1. Promote good health through proper nutrition
  2. Reduce loneliness by offering the opportunity to socialize and be with others
  3. Provide easy access to other programs and benefits available


For more information of the program, click below.

    Contact Information

    Linda Chaplin, Nutrition Programs for the Elderly Director
    Phone: (856) 453-2159