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The Plain Dealer Original Text

December 21, 1775

"As the circumstances of the times slow call on every individual to exert himself for the good of His country and fellow creatures, several persons whose genius & inclination for many years past have led them to study and contemplation, have concluded, that the results of their enquiries and speculations on political occurrences and other important subjects particularly calculated to just this place."

"And as there is no prep within reach to print them, the following method is proposed to render them public. Each person is immediately engaged in the undertaking to act as Secretary for a certain time; who will conscribe, and number all pieces, so that they may be read every Tuesday morning by any one, that will take the trouble to call Matthew Potters Bar for the same. And that every one that has a mind may peruse them, tis expected that no one will offer to take them out of his house, but everyone is freely allowed to take a copy of any or all the numbers as they appear and communicate the same to as many as he pleases. It will be entitled the Plain Dealer..."