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What is OPRA?

Submit OPRA Request via e-mail or FAX

Click here: OPRA Request Form to complete and e-mail/FAX your OPRA request form to the Custodian of Records or to the appropriate contact. YOUR OPRA REQUEST FORM MUST BE COMPLETE and sent to the appropriate contact.

See the most common departments referred to in an OPRA request along with their FAX number and point of contact (click the name to send e-mail):

  • Cumberland County Interim Custodian of Records (County Counsel): John Carr, Esquire -or- FAX (856) 391-7410
  • Cumberland County Clerk's Office: County Clerk -or- FAX (856) 455-1410
  • Cumberland County Board of Elections: Lizbeth Hernandez -or- FAX (856) 451-3172
  • Cumberland County Health Department: Erin Kavanagh or- FAX (856) 327-6405
  • Cumberland County Improvement Authority: Gerard Velazquez, III -or- FAX (856) 776-5391
  • Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office: Stephen Sayer -or- FAX (856) 451-1507
  • Cumberland County Public Works: Doug Whitaker -or- FAX (856) 455-9692
  • Cumberland County Sheriff's Department:   Elizabeth Hoffman -or- FAX (856) 459-0542
  • Cumberland County Utilities Authority: Stephanie Mick -or- FAX (856) 459-0470
  • Cumberland County 911 Center: Gabriel Scarpa -or- FAX (856) 455-9515


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